M.Sc. Entrance Information

MSc Entrance Info

We are only focused in MSc in Engineering Entrance conducted by Institute of Engineering (IOE). In past IOE used to conduct MSc Entrance just around Dashain. Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2073 BS requested IOE to conduct the entrance at around end of year i.e. around Chaitra. The Entrance now have multiple outputs:

a) Getting Admission on merit basis for different MSc programs in Engineering offered by IOE
b) Getting Scholarships to study in Foreign Universities to be offered by Ministry of Education.

This year entrance is also planned during last week of chaitra 2074 i.e. at around 1st week of april 2018. So We are offereing the entrance class from Mangsir-1, 2074.

More info about the entrance can be found by studying IOE information brochure kept in download section of this website.

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